Cold pintxos: Brochettes

Varieties of this couch:

  • Bacon and prawns in tempura with a garlic mayonnaise
  • Meat and vegetable brochette and Pedro Ximenez reduction
  • Prawns with vinaigrette and Modena reduction
  • “Gildas” (olive, anchovy and chilli brochette)
  • Boiled king prawn with mayonnaise
  • Different types of lettuce with cherry tomato and boiled prawn with Dijon vinaigrette
  • Melon with jamón
  • Mini-hamburger with Roquefort sauce
  • Octopus with vinaigrette sauce
  • Monkfish and prawns with onion and green pepper
  • Vegetables in tempura
  • Scallop and prawns in Hollandaise sauce